A downloadable game for Windows

Control Your Ants via Code!

Write Python scripts in order to command your ants. Your colony will follow your code, but will it find prosperity?

In this RTS Serious Game, the goal is to make you having fun and learning something about Python.

In-Game Python Editor for Easy Codewriting

The pyAnt Python editor will support you writing your own code. It supports autofill suggestions and code highlighting.

What else?

pyAnt is implemented in the Godot engine. It supports a small tutorial, in-game documentation and a whole window of game optioins.

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TagsGodot, python, Real time strategy


pyAnt 0.1.2.zip 119 MB
pyAnt 0.1.1.zip 119 MB

Install instructions

Just download and unzip the .zip and execute Godot/pyAnt.exe.

The game ships with an own Python instance, no further installations required.


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Yoo I just stumbled on this but I LOVE the idea!! Will hopefully get around to trying soon but thought I'd leave a comment for now :]

Thank you! :) Unfortunately, there was no further development beyond the currently published state and there is no continuation planned as of now. But, you're welcome to try it out and tell what you think :D